Current Postgraduate Research Students

Supporting you through your studies...

All students will receive regular advice and guidance from their supervisory team. In addition the Graduate School provides a one stop shop of advice and support on all aspects of the postgraduate research student journey, as well as a Calendar of Events and External Engagement Fund to support postgraduate researchers.

If you are returning to enrol on the next year of your course at the University of South Wales before you enrol online you must:

Pay 50% of your course fees. Please visit this link for more information about how to pay or contact Revenue on 01443 483340. If you are a sponsored student please bring confirmation of payment of fees or evidence of who is paying your fees i.e. a letter from your sponsor.

Complete personalised enrolment checks.

At your enrolment session you will be expected to provide originals of the following documentation, which will be copied and scanned and kept on your student record:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Visa / BRP card
  • Valid ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme) Certificate (if required)

If you are an international non-EU student, studying on a Tier 4 visa at one of our South Wales campuses, you must have a commutable term time address in the South Wales / South West area in order to attend the University. Therefore, you will be expected to provide contact details including:

  • your overseas 'home’ address
  • your UK 'term-time’ address
  • a UK telephone number

You will not be issued with a new Student ID card. The ID card issued to you when you first enrolled on your current course will be valid for the duration of your studies. If your card has been lost or stolen please see here for more information. 

A variety of resources including Regulations, Codes of Practices, Research Governance Framework and other useful documents are available here.

Applications will open in October 2019.

Any queries may be directed to the Graduate School on (01443) 6 54269 or by email to Alison Crudgington.

A candidate who initially registers for an MPhil/PhD will apply to transfer within 12 months of registration for full-time study and within 24 months for part-time study. 

A transfer report of no more than 6,000 words will be submitted with the application to transfer (via PhD Manager) and an oral assessment (viva voce) will be conducted by an independent specialist.

The transfer report should include a brief review and discussion of work already undertaken and a statement of further work, including details of the original contribution to knowledge which is likely to emerge from your research. The independent specialist must be convinced that you are likely to be able to demonstrate an original contribution within your study period.

The Faculty Research Degrees Committee will consider the recommendations made by the Independent Specialist after the transfer viva.

Each Faculty Research Programmes Committee (FRPC) will receive and approve all registrations for research degrees and consider any potential ethical issues. This is done through PhD Manager. Any ethical issues identified as being high risk will be referred to Faculty Ethics Committee for consideration.

PhD by publication candidates must include details on the publications that are to be submitted for the degree – such as names of authors, full titles, ISSN numbers, year of publication and candidates contribution made.

Faculty Research Programme Committees will also look at supervision experience in PhD Manager when considering student registration and appointment of supervisors.