Chance to Chat for PGRs - Treforest Campus

15-02-2024 at 11am to 15-02-2024 at 12pm

Location: H025, Treforest Campus

Audience: Student

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Chance to Chat brings together small groups of students in a neutral, calm and relaxed setting.

The in-person session brings together small student “chat” groups led by specialist mentors who help get the conversation started and provide friendly support throughout.

This session will take place at Treforest Campus, Room H025 from 11-12.

Everyone feels lonely at some point and we all experience loneliness differently. Some of us don't like to be alone, but some of us do. We may feel we need to make time to be alone to "recharge" our social batteries. We may have lots of friends and relationships, yet still feel "alone". 

Loneliness is the feeling we get when our need for positive and rewarding social contact isn't met. If you feel lonely, then ironically you're in good company! We all feel lonely at different points in our lives, and postgraduate research can be an especially isolating experience at times.

With Chance to Chat, the Wellbeing Service hopes to help.

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