Pushing Through to Year 2 (April 2023 cohort)

14-02-2024 at 9.30am to 1pm

Location: Room TC104 (Treforest Campus)

Audience: Student

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This session is for all students that started their study in April 2023 or any others, that would like to refresh on time management, MPhil to PhD Transfer Process, keeping motivated and catching up with fellow PGR Students.

Learning objectives

  • Overview of MPhil/PhD transfer process
  • Researcher connections
  • Prioritising your activities
  • Plan of work - timeline for project duration
  • Working with others/student and supervisor relationship
  • Staying Happy in your PhD

Workshop schedule

Session brings back April 2023 cohort of PGR students to reflect on their first year of studies.

There will be an exercise on research connections and discussions, discussions around managing your time and introducing a generic timeline; students will have an overview of the MPhil/PhD Transfer process be able to reflect, discuss and manage their relationship with their supervisors, how to stay motivated for the duration of their studies and stay happy, establish a good work/life balance.