Congratulations Dr Helen Jones

Dr Helen Jones, DPsych

Congratulations to Dr Helen Jones who has received her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. Dr Jones has recently secured National Lottery funding to develop her doctoral research: the Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit.

Dr Helen Jones is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist who works part time in the NHS Community Mental Health Team. She is the director of Cortecs, a well-being company in the workplace, and of Anxiety Action Wales, which has recently secured Lottery Funding to develop her research.

Increased career options

"Achieving a Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology has broadened my career options, enabling me to practice as a counselling psychologist, and bring the knowledge and expertise of counselling psychology to all areas of my work," she said.

"On a personal level, undertaking a Professional Doctorate in my fifties has been very enjoyable not to mention confidence boosting.

"The counselling psychology team at the University of South Wales provided so much more than the content of the programme. They made the experience enjoyable, supportive and brought to life what it is to be a counselling psychologist.

"My thesis was a pilot study of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit, a program I both developed and delivered.

"The study revealed that the program was successful in achieving its goals of increasing participants' resilience, toughness, coping and well-being, and achieving a measurable reduction in their stress level. Since then, the programme has been delivered to over 250 people and continues to have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing."