How to access well-being support for your mental health

Liam John, Wellbeing

Senior Specialist Mentor Liam John shares advice about the steps you can take if you have concerns about your mental health. He also explains how you can access wellbeing support if you need it.

What is your role in supporting students with their mental health?

Wellbeing Mentors are devoted to assisting all USW students in managing their well-being and mental health. Our goal is to support students and ensure they feel listened to.

When should a student get in touch for support?

Many students attending wellbeing advice appointments admit that they don’t feel their problems are ‘worthy’ of an appointment. They don't always feel their situation is serious enough to access support. If something isn’t right, no matter how big or small, if it’s impacting on your wellbeing or academic performance, it’s worthy of help.

What happens during a well-being advice appointment?

Well-being advice appointments are confidential and 30 minutes long. They provide you with an opportunity to discuss your university support, mental health, and well-being.

We can support you if you have issues with your course or have concerns about finance.

A Wellbeing Mentor will assess your initial needs and guide you to the help you need. They may invite you to attend follow-up well-being appointments or refer you to another specialist service with your consent.

Services a Wellbeing Mentor may refer you to include Disability Advisors, Mental Health Advisors, Counsellors, or any other university specialist service.

How can I book an appointment?

If you would like an appointment, you can do so via the Advice Zone online. Well-being appointments are signposted and easy to book.