Winter Graduations: Congratulations to all our students

PhD Graduation January 2023

We are delighted to congratulate the following postgraduate research students on their graduation (25 and 26 January 2024).

Thank you to all the supervisors.


Dr Adam Jones

Elizabeth Bacon, Masters by Research

Mapping and analysing the voluntary youth work sector in Wales
Supervisory team: Jennifer Maher, E Bailey, Howard Williamson

Marie-Claire Catherine, PhD

Bioplastics from C1 gases - substitute sustainable products for biopolymer coated steel
Supervisory team: Jaime Massanet-Nicolau, Alan Guwy, Richard Dinsdale

Michael Darke, PhD

Operationalisation of FT-NIRS based real-time monitoring for optimisation of anaerobic digestion
Supervisory team: Sandra Esteves, James Reed, Tim Patterson

Peter Donnelly, PhD

Applying AI-based PoLA to the problem of early intrusion detection in ICS systems
Supervisory team: Mabrouka Abuhmida, Christopher Tubb

Alexander Goodson, PhD

The use of personalised 3D-printed cranio-maxillofacial implants in future healthcare, with a focus on reconstruction of mandibular continuity defects

Supervisory team: Mark Williams and Gina Dolan


Dr Imogen Harries

Imogen Harries, PhD

What do experienced secondary school-based counsellors require from their clinical supervision: a situational analysis of practitioners’ descriptions of best practice

Supervisory team: Carmel Conn, Ruth Northway

Jennifer Holmes, PhD

Interviewing vulnerable suspects arrested for homicide offences: The working practices of detectives and third parties

Supervisory team: Harriet Pierpoint, Fiona Brookman

Adam Jones, PhD

Development of a novel, non-destructive technique for in-line measurement of chromium thickness on packaging, electrolytic chromium coated steel

Supervisory team: Leshan Uggalla, Kang Li, Nigel Copner

Md Amrarul Islam, PhD

Development of networked control technology of multiple smart surveillance systems for the Internet of Things
Supervisory team: Mian Hammad Nazir, Iain Shewring, Ali Roula

Asad Khan, MPhil

Petrogenetic and geochemical characterization of the Spinghar crystalline complex in North-Western Pakistan
Supervisory team: Sorcha Diskin, Duncan Pirrie, Muhammad Sajid

Joanne Helen Kirrane, DBA

The influence of the operating environment on voluntary collaboration between health, social care and housing
Supervisory team: Jennifer Law, Carolyn Wallace, Luk Yan Hung

Alan McKay, KESS PhD student in Sport Psychology / Coaching

Dr Alan McKay

Alan McKay, PhD

Developing a framework of mental toughness in youth football: Exploring mentally tough behaviours and personality to aid talent development
Supervisory team: Brendan Cropley, David Shearer

Glenn Nor, PhD by Portfolio

An exploration into overlooked areas of forensics data analysis, case management and metadata using automation and natural language processing
Supervisory team: Mabrouka Abuhmida, Eric Llewellyn, Iain Sutherland

Marie O'hanrahan, PhD `

Factors predicting relapse from substance-related care and support services
Supervisory team: Gareth Roderique-Davies, Bev John, David Shearer

Elis Sion Pari, Masters by Research

Cynhaliaeth' - Theatr Wledig Gymraeg: Ymarfer er Lles y Gymuned
Supervisory team: Lisa Lewis, Sera Williams

Kirsty Perrett, PhD student

Dr Kirsty Perrett

Kirsty Perrett, PhD

Cyber maintainable safety-critical complex-systems
Supervisory team: Ian Wilson, Eric Llewellyn

Dafydd Phillips, Masters by Research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) method for automatic detection and recognition of mechanical components in digital images of wheelchair systems
Supervisory team: Janusz Kulon, Mabrouka Abuhmida

Dun Qiao, PhD

An investigation of optical properties in passive and active nanophotonic devices
Supervisory team: Kang Li, Nigel Copner

Kim Smith, PhD

Enhancing industrial control systems security: A knowledge-based approach for mitigating socio-technical risks
Supervisory team: Ian Wilson, Eric Llewellyn

Sarah Way, PhD

A realist review and evaluation of Spark: An online, arts in health intervention for older people experiencing social isolation and loneliness in WalesSupervisory team: Mark Davies, Carolyn Wallace, Thania Acaron

Hannah Wixcey PhD student, Sport and Exercise Science

Dr Hannah Wixcey

Hannah Wixcey, PhD

Improving learner academic outcomes in Further Education: The role of mental well-being and personal resources
Supervisory team: Brendan Cropley, David Shearer