Research student stories

Adam Jones, PhD Student, Electrical Engineering, WORIC Research Group, Kess student Adam Jones, Electrical Engineering PhD

Former solider Adam Jones is completing an ESF-funded KES PhD in partnership with TATA Steel. His ambition is to become an academic lecturer and conduct research and development into the fields of science and engineering. Adam won an award for best oral presentation of PhD research at the 2020 Postgraduate Researchers Presentation Day. 

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Dr Angelo Iannetelli graduated with first-class Honours from the BSc (Hons) Chemistry course at USW before progressing to a PhD. He is currently carrying out postdoctoral research with Professor Damian Bailey at USW.Dr Angelo Iannetelli, Science PhD 

"The PhD has given me more opportunities and a greater confidence to take on new projects."

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Dr Wendy Booth is awarded PhD July 2020Dr Wendy Booth, Education PhD

"I completed my teaching qualification at USW in 2012, and I enjoyed the atmosphere at the university and the supportiveness of the staff at all levels, so it was my first choice to complete my PhD. It was a great decision which has opened up so many doors for me and my research."

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Max Stone_PhD student, Sport PsychologyDr Maxwell Stone, Psychology PhD

"I finished my PhD and immediately got a full-time lecturing post at Newcastle University."

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Dr Gareth Cuerden, PhD Police Dr Gareth Cuerden

"The PhD has brought personal and professional benefits to my role as a police officer. Having previously studied a Crime and Justice Masters at USW I was pleased to return for the PhD, especially at its renowned International Centre for Policing and with the  prospect of publishing some of the work I was already doing."

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Dr Ed Oloidi, UDID research fellow Dr Edward Oloidi, Care Sciences PhD

"The highlights of my PhD journey are undoubtedly being part of the USW team that helped develop a new health communication tool and part of another team that developed the new learning disability educational framework for healthcare staff in Wales."

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Dr Alfredo CramerottiDr Alfredo Cramerotti, Design PhD

Author and editor Dr Alfredo Cramerotti is the Director of MOSTYN, Wales’ centre for visual arts. He said: "The PhD provided a focused time and space to research and delivery a set of cultural products, including two exhibitions and two books, which are reference points for me and for a whole generation of artists and curators, so the results are already there."

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Dr Sharon-Drew, PhD student and USW lecturer Dr Sharon Drew, Education PhD by Portfolio

"Most of my study has been completed since turning thirty. I didn’t achieve academically at school, but as an adult learner, you’re able to explore things which interest and motivate you, and this makes learning enjoyable rather than a chore!  I think I have been able to show that it’s never too late to learn."

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Charlotte Neath, Phd student, KESS 2 Charlotte Neath, Science PhD

PhD student Charlotte Neath is developing alternatives to antibiotics for use in the pig farming. By removing antibiotics from the meat supply chain, she hopes to reduce the global problem of antibiotic resistance.

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Beth Pickard_PhD by Portfolio studentBeth Pickard, PhD by Portfolio

"The PhD by Portfolio route is an exciting way to draw together the diverse elements of my practice and develop a framework around this way of working. It is also a constructive model for me as I’m studying alongside my full-time teaching role."

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Charlie Andrews from Rugby in Warwickshire graduated with a MA by Research degree in December 2019 Charlie Andrews, Masters by Research

"My Masters by Research qualification helped me to become Head of Media after just one year of being qualified as a teacher."

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Jo-Swidenbank, PhD student, KESSJoanne Swidenbank, PhD Genomics

"My PhD looks at the best way to teach this genomics and genetics education to healthcare professionals in Wales, both in terms of content and how it is delivered. Although my PhD is looking at healthcare professional education, it is patients and the public who will benefit from new diagnostics and therapies delivered to them."

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Dr Liam Harris, Maths PhD

Dr Liam Harris, Maths PhD

"Achieving my Maths PhD will make such a difference to my life, personally and professionally. For my career, the PhD is vital; it will mean I can now get my dream job as an academic/lecturer in mathematics."

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Jess Lewis, PhD English Jess Lewis, English PhD

"I've always wanted to become a lecturer, so the English PhD was essential! It's opened the door to a world I'm so excited to explore."

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Dr Abdulkareen Karasuwa from Nigeria, PhD July 2019Dr Abdulkareem Karasuwa, Electrical Engineering PhD

"An engineering PhD can lead to lots of opportunities in academia and R&D in industry. The engineering research team at USW is headed by one of leading figures in the field of mobile and satellite communication, and there are excellent facilities as well as industrial networks and collaborations."

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Dr Kirsty Goggin, PhD and KESS studentDr Kirstie Goggin, science PhD

"My PhD is about developing new chemical and genetic approaches to improve traceability, transparency and authenticity within food supply chains. I’m focusing on palm oil because it is so topical and new methods are desperately needed to support current approaches, but any new approaches I develop can just as easily be applied to other food products to keep consumers safe."

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Dr Prosper MBowe, Forensic Audit and Accounting PhDDr Prosper Mbowe, Accounting PhD

"Having both a masters degree and PhD in forensic accounting means I will be returning to my country with a unique and in-demand skill-set and knowledge."

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PhD student Ben Stacey in USW's Enviromental ChamberBenjamin Stacey, Physiology and Biochemistry PhD

"My globetrotting PhD into high altitude physiology has allowed me to conduct research experiments in Canada and Peru."

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Dale Frances Hay, Mphil in Writing graduateDale Frances Hay, MPhil in Writing

"USW's MPhil in Writing was a chance to me to really work on my own writing with other writers; to take my hobby to another level.”

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Paolo Baffero, PhD Criminology DTA studentPaolo Baffero, PhD Criminology, Doctoral Training Alliance

"I am hoping my study of restorative justice in Bolivian communities will improve European knowledge on both practices of communitarian conflict resolution and pluralistic justice systems."

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Sharmila Mahesh Kumar, PhD CriminologySharmila Kumar, PhD Criminology

"My Criminology PhD will help those affected by heroin use."

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