Research degree helped me become Head of Media after just a year of being qualified as a teacher

Charlie Andrews from Rugby in Warwickshire graduated with a MA by Research degree in December 2019

It has been a rewarding experience with the MA by Research qualification setting me apart from my peers in my current teaching career.

It helped me become the Head of Media Studies after just a year of being qualified as a teacher.

I thoroughly enjoyed conducting the research as it was a personal love of mine (Star Wars) and enjoyed the writing up process - some chapters more than others.

I always knew I wanted to continue my academic career but never considered a research MA before my dissertation supervisor recommended the course, after which there was no other course I wanted to do.

Research degree in Cardiff

I thoroughly enjoyed living in Cardiff and miss it every single day. It is such a wonderful city and the residents are friendly. Plus having good industry links for the media field was really exciting.

At times it felt like I was never going to complete it but I was determined to see it through.

My supervisors, Dr Marta Minier and Dr Rebecca Williams, were absolutely fantastic. They were very knowledgeable and broadened my academic horizons and really developed the scope and intricacies of my thesis. They were also incredibly supportive throughout all of the big life events I went through during the course of my research.

Over the course of my MA by Research (Media, Culture and Communication) I moved back to England, got married, bought my first home with my wife, trained as a secondary school teacher of English and Media and had a daughter - all whilst working away on my thesis!

Stepping stone to PhD

Ultimately, finishing this MA will help me achieve my goal of becoming an academic researcher and lecturer.

For now I am hitting pause on my academic career to focus on my new job as Head of Media Studies at one of the top schools in the country and enjoy life with my wife and baby girl, but I still envisage completing a PhD in the future.

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