Regulations and Code of Practice for Examiners

You can find the University's Postgraduate Research Degree Regulations and Code of Practice for Examiners here. Please read them carefully for information about the University's award criteria, submission requirements and potential examination outcomes

Accessing the thesis

You can access the candidate's work by logging into PhD Manager.

You will usually be asked at the time of appointment whether you require a printed copy of the submission; if you request this it will be sent to shortly after submission.

Examining the thesis

You will read and examine the thesis, and submit an independent preliminary report 10 days prior to the viva. This should be submitted via PhD Manager.

When each examiner has submitted their independent preliminary report, you will be able to view each report in PhD Manager. You may use these as a basis for discussion at the pre-viva meeting.

The Viva


The candidate's supervisor will get in touch with you to arrange a date for the viva. You will receive a notification through PhD Manager confirming the details including the time and location. Should you have any queries ahead of the viva, please contact the Graduate School Team

On the day

An Independent Chair will be appointed for the viva who will have a good working knowledge of the Research Degree Regulations and can provide advice and guidance to examiners in terms of regulations and procedures. They will not be involved in assessing the work.

The candidate's supervisor may also be present at the viva as an observer.

There will usually be two examiners (sometimes three); and at least one external examiner. You will have chance to discuss the work with the other examiner(s) ahead of the viva during the pre-viva meeting of examiners and chair.

After the viva, examiners will discuss the candidate's performance and will usually agree a joint outcome. For details of examination outcomes and options available to examiners please refer to the Research Degree Regulations.

Examiner expenses

External examiners receive a fee for examining doctoral and masters theses.

Examining fee (Doctoral level): £175

Examining fee (Masters level): £125

You will receive your fee on completion of a non-staff expenses form after submitting all the required examination paperwork post-viva. You can use this form to claim back any travel / subsistence expenses you have incurred.